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This Week (June 1) in Product Recalls

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Over the past couple weeks, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has published 8 recalls. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerous product, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker today at (800) 333-0000 for a free consultation.

Ridley Bikes issues recall for bicycle stems due to falling hazard

About 105 4ZA Threadless Carbon Bicycle Handlebar Stems were recalled after Ridley Bikes received a report that one of their handlebar stems cracked while in use. The report involved minor injuries. The recalled bicycle parts were made in Taiwan. See the recall.

He Shan Lide recalls lamps due to shocking hazard

About 33,000 LED Clip-On Desk Lamps were recalled after five reports of the power cord detaching where it meets the clamp, exposing live wires. One report involved a shock and another involved a child receiving burns. The recalled desk lamps were manufactured in China. See the recall.

Cooper Lighting recalls reflector assemblies due to injury hazard

About 21,000 Portfolio 7-inch reflector assemblies with glass lenses were recalled after Cooper Lighting received 23 reports of the reflectors falling from its fixture. The recalled assemblies were made in the United States. See the recall.

Select Brands issues recall for blenders due to laceration hazard

About 4,069 Kitchen Selectives 6-Speed Blenders were recalled after discovery that the plastic pitcher can detach from the blade assembly, exposing the blades. No incidents or injuries have been reported. The recalled blenders were made in China. See the recall.

Toys R Us recalls activity center due to choking hazard

About 24,000 Imaginarium 5-Sided Activity Centers were recalled after Toys R Us received eight reports of wooden knobs detaching from the xylophone keys. The recalled activity centers were manufactured in China. See the recall.

Crary Industries issues recall for log splitters due to impact hazard

About 120 ECHO Bear Cat Log Splitters were recalled by Crary Industries after they received three reports of the hydraulic cylinder end caps detaching from the body. One injury was reported. The recalled log splitters were made in the United States. See the recall.

English Riding Supply recalls mouth bits for horses due to injury hazard

About 3,400 Happy Mouth Wire Mouth Bits were recalled by English Riding Supply after four reports of the wire bits breaking, resulting in injuries including bruises and broken bones. The recalled product was made in Korea. See the recall.

Applica Consumer Products issues recall for coffeemakers due to injury hazard

About 159,000 Black & Decker Spacemaker 12-Cup Programmable Under-the-Cabinet Coffeemakers were recalled after the distributor received 1,276 reports of handles breaking from the coffee pots. 68 injuries consisting of burns and/or cuts have been reported. The Black & Decker coffeemakers were made in China. See the recall.

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