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Reebok Settles False Advertising Lawsuit

September 28, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Reebok has settled a false advertising suit in connection with its line of EasyTone and RunTone shoes, agreeing to pay the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) $25 million dollars. The settlement funds will be made available for consumer refunds.

Reebok has aired ads for the shoes that have made unsupported claims that their EasyTone and RunTone shoes were more effective than regular shoes in toning muscles. The FTC complaint alleges that Reebok made many false claims about the efficacy of muscle toning seen in the shoes. The FTC has been pursuing deceptive or false advertising aggressively, as seen in their settlement with Reebok.

Consumers who purchased the EasyTone or RunTone shoes from Reebok can submit a refund claim here. See the FTC press release here.

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