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Fatal Big Rig Crash Closes Interstate 5 Grapevine

August 27, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

A fatal accident in the Grapevine on the morning of Tuesday, August 27th caused long delays for morning commuters heading south on Interstate 5. Two big rigs collided just after 6 a.m. near Lebec, leaving both trucks on fire on the side of the Interstate and one victim dead.

All lanes of southbound Interstate 5 was closed as a result. One lane was reopened around 7 a.m. Commuters were being detoured using Highway 138 and Highway 14 in Lancaster. The details of the crash are still unknown.

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One Response to “Fatal Big Rig Crash Closes Interstate 5 Grapevine”
  1. Greg Anderson says:

    I had just rolled through that area northbound about an hour before that; didn’t notice anything unusual.

    Are any details of the crash known?

    What caused it? How fast was each truck going? Were the trucks loaded or empty? Were they Co. trucks or Owner-Operators?

    I bet one driver fell asleep; is that what happened?

    How come there’s nothing in the press about it?

    I came back down I-5 four days later and saw the burned lane and guard rail where it musta happened.

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